Brown County Voucher Program


The Voucher Program was created to fill gaps of service in Brown County and keep transportation accessible, affordable and available by using existing services in a more efficient way. It is intended to supplement, not replace, transportation options for older adults and individuals with disabilities. We found that subsidized services such as Paratransit and Curative Connections are the most affordable options for riders; however, these are limited due to times of operations and/or the areas they serve. Although private-pay companies are more available, they are cost prohibitive for those in need of transportation outside the hours and areas offered by subsidized services. 

Voucher programs provide a method by which existing services may be used in a more cost-effective and efficient manner and improve lives of Brown County residents in need. Although voucher programs exist elsewhere, Mobility Management of Brown County, Green Bay Metro and Brown County Planning Commission partnered to develop a voucher program unique to Brown County. 


Two types of vouchers are available: Individual and Agency. Individual vouchers are available for qualified individuals to purchase at 50% of the face value and use to pay for rides on private-pay services, such as specialized ADA accessible transport companies and taxi cabs. For example, a qualified individual can buy a $20 voucher for $10. Then use that voucher with a participating private pay provider of their choice when subsidized services aren't available. Individual vouchers may be used at night and on weekends, when Curative and/or Paratransit are not in operation. The provider will collect the voucher when the ride occurs, then submit the voucher to the Mobility Coordinator. The provider will be reimbursed the face value of the voucher. 

Agency vouchers are a different color and easily identifiable from the individual voucher. These vouchers may be purchased by businesses and agencies at 100% face value to distribute to clients at their discretion. The agency vouchers may be given to a client at no cost or the agency may choose to charge the client up to 50% of the face value. This option enables human services and medical facilities to assist clients with appointments or discharges after regular transportation hours. Agency vouchers may be used at any time. 


Individuals who have a disability and/or are 60+ years of age qualify to purchase the individual vouchers. Individuals that already qualify for Curative Connections, Paratransit, and/or Reduced Fare automatically qualify for the voucher program; however, an application is still necessary. 


All vouchers may be purchased through the Mobility Coordinator, located at Green Bay Metro, 901 University Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302. Orders may be placed via email at All orders must be paid in-full prior to receiving vouchers. Checks, cash, credit cards accepted. Fees may apply to credit card purchases and NSF checks. 

You can purchase vouchers Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm. Please call ahead to ensure staff is available to handle your request. 920-448-3450 (Mobility Management). Vouchers expire at midnight, December 31 of the year in which it was purchased. For more information, contact the Mobility Coordinator at the above phone number, or email: