Cart Storage

Ordinance Rules

Per City of Green Bay Ordinance 32-2(g)(5) garbage and recycling tipper carts and containers shall be stored according to the following rules:

  • Cannot be stored within 15 feet of the public street right-of-way
  • Cannot be stored on the street side or alongside a building unless the cart is completely screened from view of an observer located at the street public right-of-way. Acceptable screening devices include bushes, fences, and other enclosures that visually block the view of tipper cart by people passing by the property.
  • Cannot be stored near furnace, grill or other heat source
  • Can be stored in the backyard, garage, or another convenient and discreet location
  • Must be stored with the lid completely closed
  • Variances will be considered by Department of Public Works for justifiable reasons.

Failure to properly store your garbage or recycling cart in accordance to City Ordinance will result in the City moving your cart to an acceptable location and invoicing the property owner.

Cart Storage Diagram