Community & Economic Development

Access to Services  

City Hall is now open, however we still encourage residents and contractors to utilize our online services. This is for the safety and well-being of both the community and City employees. We also have a secure drop box located next to the back entrance of City Hall, which can be used to drop off documents. 

Building Permits

Building permit applications will be reviewed and processed in the order received, whether online, mailed, or dropped off.  Review time for permits such as sheds, driveways, and fences is typically 3 to 5 business days, or sooner when possible. When the application is received, it will be placed in the queue for processing. 

When possible, download the application form online and email all required information for review. Please reference the Permit Guide for complete instructions, required forms, and a submittal checklist. Email everything required in the submittal checklist to Applications will not be reviewed until all required information is received. After review by an Inspector, you will be notified of a project number and payment options.

If you are not able to email the forms, they can be submitted via our drop box or dropped off in Room 608, City Hall. 

Inspections for Building, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Liquor License Renewal

On-site inspections are being done at this time. The City requires inspections to be scheduled by using the online Inspection Request Form  (preferred method) or by calling 920-448-3300.


To simplify and add efficiency to the scheduling process for contractors/permit holders, starting MONDAY, MAY 16, 2022, requests for Erosion Control pre-con meetings and inspections will ALL be processed through the Community and Economic Development Department. All requests are to be scheduled using our online Inspection Request Form (preferred method) or by calling 920-448-3300. Erosion Control scheduling will be under the direction of Paul Van Calster, Chief Building Official for the City. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 920-448-3300.


In compliance with SPS 382.21, the City of Green Bay will be requiring that all installations of sanitary sewers and interior drain, waste, and vent be tested and witnessed by the plumbing inspector(s).

In accordance with 382.21(1)(b)1.a., the plumber responsible for the installation shall notify the Inspection Division by phone or writing when the installation is ready for inspection. Please schedule your inspections using the methods noted above.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Plumbing Inspectors Pete Skogg or Jason Sladky.

Housing and Zoning Complaints

On-site inspections are being done at this time. The Request for Service link at the bottom of the page can be used to report a concern or complaint about your neighborhood.

General Permitting or Plan Review Questions

Plans can be submitted for review and processing by dropping them off in Room 608, City Hall. Payments for plan review can be made by check or online by credit card. For general questions and guidelines relative to plan review and permits, information is available online to view and download.  

Request for City Action/Plan Commission

Plan Commission is being held virtually via Zoom until further notice. Request for City Action applications for Plan Commission can be emailed to the Planning Staff member you have been working with or submitted via mail or drop box. 

Land Divisions

Request for City Action applications for land divisions are also being accepted at this time. Staff will continue the review processes as done previously, but there may be delays in starting the review and Final signatures due to remote work. Questions can be emailed to Madison Smith.

Certificate of Appropriateness

Landmarks Commission is being held virtually via Zoom until further notice. Certificate of Appropriateness applications can submitted via mail, drop box, or emailed to Stephanie Hummel.

General Planning and Zoning Inquiries

Questions you may have regarding planning or zoning regulations can be emailed to Zoning Administrator Paul Neumeyer or Planners David Buck or Stephanie Hummel and they will follow up with you directly.

Commercial Facade and Demolition Grants

Applications and required materials may be submitted via email to Matt Buchanan. Hard copy materials, including required Davis Bacon forms, can also be submitted via our drop box.

Revolving Loan Funds for Businesses

Applications and required materials may be submitted via email to Wendy Townsend. Hard copy materials, including required Davis Bacon forms and loan payments, can also be submitted via our drop box.

About the Department

We link and leverage our natural, built, human, and social assets in order to generate valuable products, services, and experiences within the City. We make our community more safe, accessible, productive, and innovative through strategic initiatives in which we convene and connect people, adopt and enforce policies, create and manage programs, and improve and enhance properties.