Animal Licensing

Chapter 6-2

City ordinance requires all cats and dogs five months of age or older to be licensed on a yearly basis. A $5 fee is required for spayed/neutered animals. If your pet is not spayed/neutered, a $25 fee applies. For renewals made after March 31st of each year, a $5 late fee will be charged. View Section 6-2.

Dog and Cat License Application

By Mail

If you cannot make it to our office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., you can mail the information and fee to us. Provide your name, address, and phone number along with your animal’s name, breed, and coloring. Indicate if the animal is spayed or neutered. Send a copy of the veterinarian’s report indicating the expiration date of the rabies vaccine. We will send you your pet's license.  Remember to include the fee of $5 or $25.

Instructions and fee schedule are included in the Animal License Application.

Exotic Animals or More Than Two Dogs or More than Three Cats on Premises

Listed below is the application that is required to be completed in order to receive permission to have more than two dogs, more than three cats, or exotic animals in your home within the municipality of Green Bay. The following items need to be attached to the application:

  • Name of listed veterinarian
  • Photocopy of the Driver’ License/Photo ID of applicant
  • All veterinary records from the past year. Your pet must be current on all vaccinations.
  • Proof of current animal license(s)     (Dogs & Cats Only)
  • A statement to the Humane Officer about why you are seeking this permit. 

Please turn in the application and accompanying information to the Green Bay City Clerk’s Office, 100 N Jefferson Street, Room 106, Green Bay, WI 54301.

Pet Safety Guide

Check out this Pet Safety Guide for tips and tricks on keeping your home safe.