Whitney Park 1
Baird Creek

Calling all volunteers!

The City of Green Bay has an extensive park and trail system which requires continual maintenance and upkeep. With nearly 3,000 acres of greenspace, City staff address the basic maintenance needs of these sites. However, there is always opportunity to further enhance these Green Bay greenspaces. The Park, Recreation, and Forestry Department has developed an Adopt-A-Park/Trail program to involve volunteers with maintaining, improving, and monitoring of the City’s parks and trails. By agreeing to adopt specific parks or trail segments, this program allows for individuals, businesses, and community groups to play a direct role in the upkeep and beautification of our parks and trails. Groups also receive recognition through the placement of a sign(s) naming them as the adopter of the park or trail.

To adopt a park or trail segment, follow these simple steps:

  1. Gather a group of volunteers and select your top 2 park/trail segment choices. See the trail segment maps here: Baird Creek Trail Segments | East River Trail Segments | West Side Trail Segments
  2. Review the Terms and Conditions (PDF).
  3. Complete the online application form. 
  4. Meet with a staff representative to finalize adoption and have all volunteers sign the volunteer waiver provided.
  5. Start enhancing the park or trail!
  1. Maria Otto

    Conservation Corps Coordinator