In an effort to bring criminals to justice, we routinely publish surveillance images of offenders on Facebook seeking public assistance with identifying unknown subjects. Our Facebook page has grown rapidly and is nearing 30,000 "likes" or subscribers who see information that we post. In addition to surveillance photos we also post information on traffic updates, and other crimes that we are seeking public assistance with. This approach has frequently resulted in arrests being made.


This approach is made possible by the widespread use of video surveillance technology, and the gathering and processing of video evidence by the Identification and Forensic Services Unit (IFSU). IFSU is currently staffed by 3 full time employees that specialize in evidence gathering, processing crime scenes, crime scene photography, and processing video surveillance footage.

Computer ForensicsGreen Bay Crime Scene Unit Vehicle

The Investigative Division also has a full-time computer forensic specialist who specializes in the processing of digital evidence on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other similar computer technology.